At Infin8 Finance, we view you as an individual, with dreams, goals, and ideas that are uniquely yours.

Infin8 Finance Group came into life from a vision to see people get financially free. Most people think that they will never get out of debt. We exist to bring order to the financial chaos in people?s lives. We value integrity, honesty and we are here to make your vision our success.

Our priority is Your financial freedom and security. The focus of the team at Infin8 Finance is to take the time to develop strategic financial solutions that compliment YOUR goals and values. Those strategies are for balanced living in not just finances but can be applicable to all areas of your life.


Our goal is to see you winning in life & finance doing what you love to do.

Here at Infin8 Finance Group we offer full service finance and accounting solutions: Personal, Commercial & Business finance specialists.

With Infin8 Finance Group’s business finance you can spend your time focusing on your business, not wondering how much you owe this month. When you get in touch with Infin8 Finance Group, you’ll be put directly in touch with a team of expert lending specialists.


We’re everyday people just like you, we understand how to partner with you to see your financial goals achieved.

Over 10 years Financial

We’ve got over 20 years combined financial experience servicing clients across Melbourne.

Honesty & Integrity
Above All

We operate with honesty, integrity and 100% transparency across our company for all clients.